A useless absence

A useless absence

When my father died
I didn’t want to suffer so I buried my emotions in my dad’s grave
and walked away naked.
I was right,
a cold mind iced my passions, life splinters didn’t hurt me,
the rain passed without touching me

but so did the sun and the smiles.

I traveled to cancerous places where music was forbidden,
I didn’t care,
death forgot me, I live as a putrid regret.
I live the only way I know,
I feel as an intruder in a useless absence.

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Carlos Ponce Melendez

Carlos Ponce-Meléndez poems have appeared in The Dreamcatcher, The Poet, Voices Along the River, Desahogate, Small Brushes, The Texas Observer, El Angel, Celebrate, several anthologies and numerous Spanish magazines. He also teaches creative writing at schools and community centers.

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