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When they left


Russia is the largest country in the world with vast territories. Currently, a huge outflow of local people has moved from the countryside to the cities. As a result, many villages arrived empty / inhabited. In my project, I will explore these areas. These photos are from the Bryansk region. I am interested to see what remains / remains in the places of formerly inhabited, it seems that life here has frozen. Nature takes care of everything. Cultivated fields turn into forests, forests turn into impenetrable jungle, houses are destroyed. Nobody comes to the cemetery / cemeteries because the roads leading to it are in poor condition / destroyed. The village on the left in itself is one of the great cemeteries of human memory. In my work, I use archive photographs of these places. Often no one cares about these archive photographs. In general, it turns into a life-preserving substance, which once reigned here. This project concerns everything that remains in our lives.

I do not know these people and will never know it, I visited them visited left their home. Someone’s houses, someone’s faces in faded photos.

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Nailya Khalilulina

Khalilulina Naila (1986) lives and works in Moscow, Russia. Works on art and documentary projects. Collaborates with Russian magazines. Participated in small exhibitions in Moscow and Lisbon.


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