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Norilsk, November 2019. “Adios amigo!”

This is a message from the Universe to humanity, the last attempt to attract humanity attention under the slogan “change or die”.

Today’s situation is the result of our daily  choice, where human ambitions are paradoxical to the intentions of the Universe, and true values are mixed with fake ones.

Time has suddenly expanded to infinity and showed for existential personality crises. Humanity is starting to leave fake cocoons. Sometimes meeting with yourself is extremely painful.

In its message, the Universe teaches us to be more responsible, to be ready to accept any result and to be humble in situations beyond our control. First of all, we need to transform our capabilities and desires in order to find the most harmonious path for the development of nature and humanity. It is worth revising the consumer disregard for the attitude and further emphasizing the complementarity of each other.

It is important to remember that everything is in our hands, time is our main weapon and we have no right to make crucial mistake again.

Norilsk, May 2020. Hold on.
Norilsk, November 2019. The world we made is gone.
Norilsk, November 2019. We are just numbers without names.
Norilsk, November 2019. Next level.
Norilsk, November 2019. It is time to say goodbye.
Norilsk, November 2019. Nothing can change us.
Norilsk, November 2019. Wind of change.
Norilsk, November 2019. The party is over.

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Ann Nikonenok

My name is Ann, I am a free artist from Siberia. Photography for me is the best way to be in the moment. I believe that the camera in my hands can change the world through beauty and mindfulness.

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