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Summer heat



  United Kingdom

It was a very hot day in London, one of those when people prefer to hide at home. I was on phone with a friend who engaged me in a very interesting conversation about abstract art. It began with a question how is it even possible to photograph something that you can’t touch, something that you can only feel… like summer heat? And then we started a discussion: so what is heat? What comes to your mind when you hear this word? When I think of heat – I imagine like hot air bends the light, one texture melts into another. All these shown on my photograph, orange abstract that I called “Heat”.
Abstract art for me it’s a visual language of emotions where colors have the main role.

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Marina Tsaregorodtseva

I was born in Russia, in 2009 moved to the UK where currently living. Moving to another country had a huge impact on my life: inability to share experiences and impressions with my family kind of forced me to restrain my feelings. That’s why you can notice two ideas in my work: on one hand, I’d like to show the world and share what impressed me, and on the other hand photography is my way of splashing out personal emotions through abstraction.

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