School in Cambodia


Cambodia is a colorful country, like the whole of Asia. On the one hand, devastation, poverty, the country still can not recover from the civil war, on the other, huge deposits of precious stones, coffee. Some children are carried to puberty naked (in the provinces), eat dried grasshoppers instead of chips, many live in a hammock under a tree.

This country remains one of the most mined countries since the war and it is not safe to travel through it as a savage, not knowing where and how to go. But it is very interesting if it is implemented. I managed to visit one of the local schools! After what I saw, of course, everything turns over in my head. children learn in buildings with bars, there is no lighting and notebooks with drawings, do not know what a phone is, and especially the Internet and computer. They enjoy playing with pebbles and jumping over a rubber band, as we once did in childhood. I was introduced to a lot of things.

Bars on the windows of the school. No lighting in the classroom.
Cambodia class.
Cambodia school
Cambodia, children.
At school.
Games at recess.
School schedule.
Games at recess.
Teacher’s desk.
The joy of seeing guests.

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