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Psychological picture


  St. Petersburg


People can be understood by their things. Simple worldly little things characterize us more eloquently than any words. Often people turn to a psychoanalyst to better understand themselves. But it’s enough to carefully look into your closet or workshop, and we will learn a lot about ourselves. What things do we keep, in what condition? Are they arranged in order or dumped in creative chaos? The answers to these questions reveal us as a person. Our home is our psychological portrait.

The photo shows a fragment of my husband’s workplace. I always admire his ability to create ordered structures out of chaos. Life is also chaos. But with my husband I always feel calm and confident.

Look at your things, what do they tell about you?

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Yulia Dondo

I was born in the city of Aleksin, Tula region, but grew up in a small village in the north of the country in the Surgut region. I worked as an official for about 10 years. Now I live in the cultural capital of Russia, St. Petersburg. I study art, fashion, philosophy and develop as a photo artist.

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