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Only memory is alive


  Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria


A few days ago I found old photos of my grandparents where they were young, just married, and happy. Unfortunately, I did not see my grandfather, he died when my father was only 5 years old.

I remembered the warm touch of my grandmother‘s hands, how she used to sing me lullabies before I went to sleep. I remembered how she did everything for us, sparing no effort, not paying attention to fatigue.
Years have passed, the time has changed everything. My Granny began to need care, help, and especially began to need warm and affectionate words.
It’s so important for the older generation to feel needed.
To say “love” once again, to ask “how do you feel?”, just to sit, talk to them, hug them – this is so little, but at the same time, it means so much for them.

There is a phrase: “Paradise is at the feet of the mother”. We should not forget that our parents give us a debt that we can only repay to our children.
We must treat them as we would like our children to treat us.

In this respect, perhaps, as in no other, the “boomerang law” operates.
Parents, grandparents – these are the people who can not be replaced, who are given only once for a lifetime.
We need to appreciate the time when they are around, while we have them.

And those of them, who, leave us, should be remembered. The human is alive as long as the memory of him is alive.

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