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Old door




We throw the old things very often without thinking that this old has a story, has a mistery… For example this old door i have seen many times and have passed it almost every day but i had never checked what was hidiing behind of this door. One day i decided to check it. I see a beautiful garden with wonderful tree. Now i know why sometimes many people don’ t want to threw old furniture or sale old car and so on… Because each old thing has a history which only you know, that you can never find in new one..


Ksenia Ozdamar

Since childhood, my soul has lived on the street, and although I had a house, I was a rare guest in it. This fact that influenced my work today. I am captivated by street shots in the moment, a flash of random stories, street constants. With my photographs I want to show people whose eyes are open, but they see little that is interesting nearby.

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