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To live for the sake of life itself. To live, you must create, you must dream, not be envious, enjoy the sun, give good. And only then can we say that this is REAL LIFE. And some burn out like grass, give up, do not believe , do not strive for dreams and goals, get angry at others and die from this anger. Their LIVES are short and empty. This ordinary flower, among the dried grass, reminded me of the main thing. You can live and be angry at everyone and everything that happens to you and die dissatisfied. Or live and enjoy every day, every breath, and be happy!!


Urmakova Natali

I'm a mom of three beautiful kids. I work at the university. I love nature, music, poetry, photography. Mostly I take pictures of children, and recently became interested in macro photography. It's like a separate world. It is interesting and fascinating.

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