Irony of life

ToolsIndia- November 2015

When I had decided to make a photo story about “Iron Casting”, I thought it to be a simple work to do. But when I started working on the subject I was surprised. For the story I had chosen a locally situated casting furnace. The people working with the melted iron for hours and hours with fearless enthusiasm and putting their life at risk, but that’s for their family’s basic need. In return, remuneration was very small. We never get the chance to know the background story of struggle and hard work.

I kept my story title “Irony of life” as a tribute to their life. I have tried to execute with several images here to portray the story.
Hope you will get the feel of the similar emotional journey I have been through whilst being amongst the irony of these iron souls…

Cleaning of dice
Throwing the raw material
Pouring of liquid metal
Removing the product after Cooling

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