In search of an oasis


  St. Petersburg


Among Christians, a camel symbolizes humility and the ability to meekly bear its burden. In the cathedral of Amiens (France) there is an image of a kneeling camel, completely surrendered to the will of God.
In eastern and African nations, a camel symbolizes vitality and endurance, as well as dignity and independence. The well-being of camels is taken care of by their heavenly patrons.
This photo is a metaphor for a person’s difficult life path. Sometimes life throws us far from the intended goal. Sometimes difficult circumstances bring us to our knees. But you cannot lose hope, you must not let your spirit break. Perhaps, in the most difficult period of life, when you begin to lose faith in yourself, in people, in life, your guiding light will suddenly flash. She will light the way to your lost oasis.

Never give up!

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