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Ground from the different brink

Floating on the river of time

The uterus, as an organ of perception, is capable of capturing such energy that almost does not find itself in the usual emotions and feelings of the rational world. This primordial energy comes to life as soon as thoughts cease and silence prevails.

What does this energy look like? I feel it like the ground from the other brink: while you hold it in your palms, you feel that it is not from here. But as soon as you pour it out, it immediately merges with what is already familiar, becomes part of the usual consciousness.

These photos are documentation of that brink without words and thoughts, without the usual way of interpreting objects. This is an attempt to transfer a small piece of this ground from the left bank to the reality of the “right” way of thinking.

one day you stop.
You go ashore to a shining fire
You learn to speak the language of silence here
After all, no one on this coast knows other languages.
When you learn to listen to the wind
and kiss not with lips but with eyes,
the left bank will become your Home.
But be careful:
there is no turning back.
You came here for Love.
But only having lived here, you understood that You are Love.
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Liliya Hryn

Liliya Hryn is an art and documentary photographer from Belarus. A student of the St. Petersburg Academy of Documentary Photography and Photojournalism «Fotografika».

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