Fantasy Lands

Santa Fe, NM Nov/2019 untitled

Fantasy Lands are a series of photomontages that are meant to inspire stories in the minds of the viewers about what these landscapes and the objects in them are, and how they came to be. All of the objects in the landscapes are photos of some of my architectural models, built structures, and sculptures. These were all designed to be very futuristic looking and many of them have not been seen before.

After photographing the objects, I placed each of the photos into my computer where the objects were isolated from their original backgrounds. I also photographed a variety of landscapes from various places. I then placed each of the different objects into different landscapes. Using each unique object as inspiration, I altered their new landscapes in various ways, usually by changing the colors in ways that were completely unnatural and fantastical. None of the objects were altered in any way. The point was to intensify the unusual look of the objects by placing them into unfamiliar and surreal scenes, which I hope will increase the viewer’s enjoyment as they travel through each of the Fantasy Lands.

Santa Fe, NM Nov/2019 untitled
Santa Fe, NM Nov/2020 untitled
Santa Fe, NM Dec/2019 untitled
Santa Fe, NM N Jan/2018 untitled
Santa Fe, NM Jan/2019 untitled
Santa Fe, NM Feb/2020 untitled
Santa Fe, NM Feb/2019 untitled
Santa Fe, NM Dec/2020 untitled
Santa Fe, NM Jan/2019 untitled
Santa Fe, NM July/2018 untitled
Santa Fe, NM June/2019 untitled

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