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Camomile I




I love the different flowers. But chamomile is something special for me. It seems so simple, but look: it is both elegant, and bright, and cheerful. Like the sun. From it and warmly, and happily, and fun. My grandfather says that flowers are only for girls, but I don’t agree: flowers are beautiful for everyone, and it doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a boy.

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Ekaterina Malafey

Born in 1983, Cheboksary. Specialization: fashion and portrait photography, street photography, still life photography and art photography. Education: 2020 Training course on Photo contest and media by Yulia Artemyeva, Moscow; 2020 Training course on Basics of studio shooting by Vlada Krasilnikova in School of contemporary Photography PHOTOPLAY, Moscow; 2019 Completed full learning course on Basics of photography by Andrey Rogozin in School of contemporary Photography PHOTOPLAY, Moscow; 2019 Training course Immersion in photography by Yulia Artemyeva, Moscow.

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