Before 1971 we can’t speak.
After 1971 we can fly.

The year 1971 is a memorable chapter for today’s Bangladesh. This is the chapter of victory and sacrifice. On 16 December 1971, today’s Bangladesh achieved victory. So many things have to be sacrificed to achieve‌ victory. About 3 million people lost their lives in this liberation war. The mother lost her son or the son lost his mother to those Pakistani hyenas. Prior to 1971, Pakistanis had taken away all rights to see and speak. They have brutally tortured us as much as they could. But through the great liberation war of 1971 we brought back these rights. Today we are free. Today we can speak, we can fly in the sky. There is no one to stop us. All the credit of our freedom goes to those brave warriors. Huge respect and love for them.