How do you create your ideas?
How did it come in your mind?
What are you reading or watching?
What is the secret of your art?

Often I listen from people these and many other questions. But people don’t understand that this is a philosophy – rhetoric. There is no secret ingredient; there are love and passion for what you do. When a child is born, nobody asks parents: what they ate, in what position was the child conceived why their son or daughter is so beautiful!  Art is the same for me. First of all, the seed is born; there is a process of gestation, and then childbirth. I love each of my photos as a part of myself. These all are reflections of me and my information flows that come from outside.
Nowadays the whole world making tests for COVID19 – my test is positive. It doesn’t matter I like it or not. It was a part of me that was happen, and I can’t erase it.

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