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Rooftop, birds are in motion.

Everything is in mind – dreams, hopes, desires, love, frustration. It’s the realm of emotions. The mind thinks, explores, imagines, and sets determinations, leads to ideas, develops insights, gives strengths to grow up, sees big, inspires to work, and then rest follows. That’s how if I put it in a very simplistic way. But the reality is a little more complicated. Life is not so simple, and neither is mind. It’s a complex labyrinth of neuro wires that stores all, in fact, the whole meaning of life.

As we grow up, we set goals for life, set milestones, based on some reference points, past experiences, dreams that we see over the years, desires that nourished at the core of the heart. Once we achieve or fail, we set another one. Sometimes we stick to one for some time, and eventually, we move on, that’s how it goes.

In reality, the desires, goals, dreams, hopes don’t hold up always. The world within the mind that we create over years start getting decay slowly. Dreams and hopes suffocated within the boundary. It’s like slowly letting go of what we have nourished over the years. And all these happen within the mind.

The mind gets anchored with reality, with the current state of affairs. Dreams find a limitation – it dares to go beyond a certain point. Like the domestic birds, they can fly but they can’t fly too high. They had to come back to their old same place for livelihood. Even though they are not caged, the world for them is not big either.

A bird is seating on a roadside lamp post, and one is flying high.
A flock in our neighborhood and overhead electric wires.
Dark. Many Crows. Some are flying and some are on the tree.
Crows on a leave less tree and cloudy sky.
Pigeons on the electric wire line and the rooftop.
Ducks – black and white.
A flock leaving the free and are in motion.
A wall-painting and dream like scene.
A bird and three building corners in the frame.
A bird in motion.
Mind and brids.
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Sudarshan Mondal

Sudarshan Mondal is an independent photographer based in Kolkata and New York. He loves to make images, its creative process, and the longing. Currently,… More »

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