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Victory Day of Bangladesh

49th Victory Day of Bangladesh,2019

After a long and bloody war of nine months, on 16 December 1971, today’s Bangladesh gained independence. This independence of Bangladesh in exchange for the courage and life of thousands of freedom fighters. Every year since 1972, Victory Day has been celebrated on this day in Bangladesh.

On this day all the martyrs are honored with flowers. More activities are held on this day.It’s a national holiday of Bangladesh. These pictures were taken from the Bangladesh National Martyr’s Memorial on the 49th Victory Day of Bangladesh, 2019.

People are giving flowers in memory of the martyrs
A flag seller
People are singing the national anthem

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Saqlain Rizve

Saqlain Rizve (2001) is a passionate photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh who love to take landscape, street, nature, portrait and people lifestyle in his regular life. It almost three years he has been practising and learning photography. He also love to do documentary photography and photojournalism.

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