Praying in the Time of Covid-19

Praying in the Time of Covid-19

Man waited for The Eid Prayer. Jakarta, May 2020.

The Governor of Jakarta had urged the muslim people in the city to pray at home, rather than in congregation, to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. Despite of that, some people still held The Eid Prayer on the street in congregation without permission, on Sunday, 24 May 2020. The people claimed that they had applied The Covid-19 protocols. So, they felt very optimistic thet the event was free of the disease. Some protocols that applied on that event, were such as wearing mask, keeping the distance, and limiting the event only to the people in neighborhood. So, this is the documentation of the event.

Jemaah prepared for the prayer. Jakarta, May 2020.

The Eid Prayer held on the street. Jakarta, May 2020.

Jemaah was doing ruku or bowing, part of the prayer. Jakarta, May 2020.

The people listened to The Imam’s speech after the ritual was done. Jakarta, May 2020.

The event was done, people prepared to go home. Jakarta, May 2020.

People were handshaking and greeting one to another after the prayer. Jakarta, May 2020.

People went home after the prayer. Jakarta, May 2020.

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