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Modern fairy tales

Russia, Leningrad region – June 2019. The magic ball – GPS navigator. It can lead you to the expected target, it is enough to determine where the route ends.

People have dreamed of magic since a long time ago. Therefore, they invented stories, investing in them their cherished desires and dreams of beauty, wealth, victory of good over evil, feats and happy life. Fairy tales came to us from deep antiquity and were passed on from generation to generation. All the more surprising is their roll call with modern reality.

Folk Russian fairy tales and folklore embodied fantasies of wonderful objects by means of which one can exercise one ‘s desires. Fabulous heroes are helped to overcome obstacles, on the way to a happy end artifacts endowed with mystical properties. A tablecloth-self will provide a meal, and a magic tangle will indicate the way… In today ‘s world, many gadgets that make life easier are perceived as a given. With technology, we can meet our needs, fulfil desires and enjoy the properties of objects that previously seemed impossible. Such a way, from dream to reality came various inventions of man.

Russia, St. Petersburg – May 2019. Apple on a plate – YouTube. With the magic apple, you can see everything that is happening in the world. The apple spins, resulting in a colored image of what the owner wants to see on the surface of the plate.
Russia, St. Petersburg – May 2019.The flying carpet – The plane. Fantastic airborne vehicle in the form of a flying carpet. It can transfer to any destination by air, in a relatively short time.
Russia, St. Petersburg – March 2020. Boots fast walkers – Hoverboard. Magic shoes that help a person move at great speed without his visible effort.
Russia, Leningrad region – June 2019.The magic book – Search engine. A fabulous artifact will tell you everything what you want. Just open the magic book and ask you a question. The answer won’t keep itself waiting
Russia, St. Petersburg – June 2019. Magic pipe – mp3 player. A magical musical instrument often plays on its own. To perform the melody does not require special musical education.
Russia, St. Petersburg – June 2019. Magic Mirror – Tablet with front camera. The magic mirror is most often used to “tell the whole truth” about the beauty and attractiveness of the owner. It is also capable of suggesting what is best to do in a given situation.
Russia, St. Petersburg – June 2019. Feather of a «Heat – birds» – Light Bulb. The feather of a magic bird that has extraordinary properties. Glowing in the dark and illuminating the dwelling.
Russia, St. Petersburg – June 2019. Magic pot – multicooker. Fabulous kitchen utensils serving to prepare various kinds of porridge in any quantity. The process of cooking in a magic pot does not require human involvement.
Russia, St. Petersburg – March 2020. Magic sword – Gun. A strong weapon that has extraordinary properties and gives the owner invincibility. Provides defeat of the enemy in battle with one blow.
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Anna Pliusnina

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