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FaceTime photo portraits from home to home.

5 different women (artist, violinist, psychologist, model and teacher) in isolation. No professioanal camera, no special light, only my iPhone and 3g. Very interesting and fun experience: staying beyond the screen in phone i had to manage every detail about light, colours, shadows, movement etc.

But i wanted every model to be herself, so they did all perfectly. Eventually, no really matter where you are if you want to create. Also i think it’s about our new reality –  people now don’t want to spend their time, they want all things happen fast: fast food, fast 3d-exibitions, fast transports, fast relationships, fast internet… And even more: life online – this is reality that we all somehow afraid of, but can not just avoid. Or can?

Maybe everything online will be the only availabale thing that most of the people could afford? “Offline life” is not for everybody, but for “special”, rich people? What is the real value of the real, offline life?

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Carina Clavijo

Photographer and artist from Moscow. Studied art at the Moscow State Technical University. Kosygin.

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