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In the womb of apartments


  Saint Petersburg


Life is put on a forced pause. It is time for rebirth.
We have to sit for long days in isolation in our apartments. The apartment has become for us a new maternal womb. We live in our closed small worlds. Home safe. Outside, scary. #stayathome

Man is a social being. Without communication, we are like without oxygen. Live communication for adults has been replaced by social networks and the Internet. But it is especially difficult for children at this time. Kindergartens are closed, playgrounds are closed, parks are closed, you cannot go outside. But for children, the Internet cannot replace fun games with friends, and an apartment cannot replace a playground.

We all hope for an early end to the pandemic. This universal test like no other brought all people on the planet together. There is one misfortune for all. Therefore, the problems of social and physical isolation are close and understandable to all people in all countries. This has never happened before. Universal isolation united people even more! It sounds like a paradox, but that’s exactly what happened. This experience is bitter, but also invaluable.

After the pandemic, updated people will leave their womb apartments. They will build their lives more consciously. And these people will value direct live communication more, because during a pandemic, the Internet has solved many issues, but no technology will be able to replace the warmth of a living human communication!

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Yulia Dondo

I was born in the city of Aleksin, Tula region, but grew up in a small village in the north of the country in the Surgut region. I worked as an official for about 10 years. Now I live in the cultural capital of Russia, St. Petersburg. I study art, fashion, philosophy and develop as a photo artist.

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