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Family Quarantine


Like any photographer, I immediately felt the need to tell about this pandemic caused by Covid-19. 
In the first days on the deserted streets of the center I met many colleagues, Milan was in the spotlight of the whole world, after Wuhan the virus had moved here.
But the silence that enveloped us has encouraged me to lay my eyes within the home, where I could tell the quarantine in a more personal way.

Milan, Italy April 18, 2020 My son Mario, 10 years old, plays Tetris on laptop late at night.

Life had disappeared from the streets, but not for this had ceased to exist.

Everything continued to take place inside the home: school, work, sports activities, social relationships with relatives and friends; thanks to the applications of our smartphones.

I told my family during 2 long months of isolation, my wife Paola, who continued to work from home in smart working mode, my 10 year old son Mario who is in fifth grade, and my 9 year old daughter Margherita who is in third year.

Milan, March 15, 2020 At the end of the first week of the lockdown, a flash mob is organized #I stay at home, which invites Milanese citizens to look out the window and wave the torches on the phone with a sign of resistance. My wife Paola and Mario look out the window with the smartphone light bulb on.
Milan, March 15, 2020 During the first few weeks, this puzzle kept me company. I consider this picture like a self portrait.
Milan, March 19, 2020 My daughter Margherita, 9 years old, goes into the courtyard to throw the garbage, the only opportunity to leave the house to get some air. Mask and gloves were not yet required to leave the house.
Milan, March 22, 2020 My 10-year-old son Mario washes his hands.
Milan, April 21, 2020 My son Mario training one a week with their football team, the Kids United, connected via Zoom.
Milan, March 19, 2020 The kitchen table becomes a pin pong table.
Milan, April 19, 2020 My wife Paola organized a gala dinner with other families connected via Zoom. Elegant clothes even if at home to eat lentil soup, to keep morale high.
Milan, March 30, 2020 My daughter Margherita, 9 years old, and my wife Paola, listen to an audiobook before going to sleep.
Milan, March 21, 2020 After the first week of isolation, we exposed my daughter Margherita’s drawing to the window, with a surreal desert road under our building house.The rainbow drawn by all the children of Italy.
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Paolo Bona

Paolo Bona, was born in 1970 and began work as a photojournalist in 1993 working primarily for the Milanese daily ‘Il Giorno’ In 1994 he began a 13-year freelance association with the ‘Omega Fotocronache’ agency specialising in sports photography. In 2009 he became a stringer photographer for Thomson Reuters. In 2011 he started to contribute sport images to the agency Italy Photo Press. In 2012 he joined the LUZphoto agency.


    1. Ciao Paolo. Sono un fan in California. I am just seeing this montage now and I love it. Your art is, as always, moving and real. I’m going to share it with my family and friends here in the USA – I hope you won’t mind if I pass it on to them. It’s too good to keep quiet. Bravo.

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