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Covid Climax


Where protective gear is a matter of life and death, some companies have launched a month long prototypes competition and booming as the pandemic triggers a surge in demand for their products.

When people are starving, authorities are frequently releasing guideline on the use protective gears as prevention measures. The economic fallout of COVID 19 threatens millions of livelihoods in Bangladesh where over 90% of workers are in the informal sector and only 15% of workers earn more than $6 a day. A huge number of people live from hand to mouth who being forced to stay home in an attempt to control the virus and lost their job.They don’t know how they’ll be able to buy food beside to buy the protective substance of virus. They don’t brother about the virus and its infection but what concerns them is food as they can’t go out for work. Are they falling in poverty trap?

Who is set to see the gains out of this pandemic as economics around the world are being hit disastrously hard?

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Nahid Hasan

Nahid Hasan is a documentary photographer, filmmaker based in Dhaka, Bangladesh whose vital interest in human rights, social, cultural and environmental issues mainly. He… More »

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