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Another Story From Home

Mystery stories and supernatural beings are scary things from childhood that always make ambiguous. As I recall, when night fell, the darkness gave birth to strange things in my imagination.

Banda Aceh 2019

Night is a surreal and mysterious atmosphere, gripping but high curiosity. One of them I saw the house and everything in it like in a horror movie scene. A house that is a beautiful and comfortable place, often changes in my eyesight as night falls.

The atmosphere formed a very different story, taking me to another realm. Somehow I enjoyed it as much as watching a horror but challenging show.

Another story from home is a journey to re-experience experiences and childhood memories. Through this story made me realize that with the medium of photography, it can carry my memories of the past and make me dare to step into the darkness and kill fear. Photography has also been an answer to psychological questions that have not been answered.

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Muhammad Hidayat

Muhammad Hidayat (b.1982) is a photographer living in Aceh, Indonesia. He has known photography since 2009 and started to explore it in early 2015. His work basically explores all psychological questions that have not been answered and searches for the deeper darkness of his soul. He has published one photo book independently called “The Sounds of Dream” and three zine photos. His works can be found through publications on BURN MAGAZINE,, Street Photography Magazine and more.

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