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Abandoned house

The house is abandoned.

The story of an abandoned house. Moscow region. Time spares nothing and this house as well. Once upon a time in the 50s-60s there was a lot of life. It’s been almost 60 years and the house is empty. Nothing has been preserved. The roof collapsed. The house has old stoves, sideboard… and most importantly-a bunch of letters and old photos! No one needed… leafing through such papers covered with long-term dust you understand how sad it is. On letters found worded! Irkutsk! A letter was written… waiting for time. There is hope that will answer… that it is still someone expensive and important-so found letters, cards, photos will be sent to distant relatives… and suddenly! Just imagine if it is true for someone a great memory!

Through time.
Transition to the house.
Sharing a bed with animals.
Old photo.
Oven in an abandoned house.
Life without a roof.
Newspaper Izvestia USSR, abandoned house 60 years, Lotoshino.
Ghost people.
At the house.
Entrance without a roof. Braids for hay.
Silence of the soul.
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Zoya Malhova

My photography is based on the concept of nature, time and how it is present in our daily life. The driving force of my… More »


  1. Great story and amazing photo project! Lots of atmosphere. Congratulations!

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