The dove of peace




  Eugenia Ostroumova

What is creativity in isolation?

For me, photography is a living organism. The higher our cultural code is, the higher the quality of fine art becomes. The stories that I tell through photography make me completely immersed in the process. My job is to look at the world, or the problem, or the subject from the side that no one noticed. I am constantly searching for different photographic techniques, angles and stories. I combine the story from the photos like a LEGO castle from little pieces. Everything adds up brick by brick.

What is the difference between a creative person and an ordinary person?

The ability to always find ways to Express yourself. Isolation is no exception.
Creativity is like a channel or radio wave that needs to be tuned.
I spend this time getting to know myself and my creativity. Now, when the whole world is frozen, it’s time to slow down and think.
It is very important for me to share my vision of this situation.
I called this picture “the dove of peace”.
This is about the beauty of the world. There is life here, even when everything is frozen. Winter came, and the moment froze. But we know that everything in this world is cyclical. This means that spring comes after winter.