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Quarantine Days

Quarantine Days

Eyes of Devil Kolkata, India, April 2020

Pandemic situation hit humanity very hard. This pandamic force us to stay in our house with maintaining a proper social distance and a social isolation. The isolation period goes over month and days. In those long isolation period human mind suffering from different type of mental illness and stress that lead one to high imagination, disturbing thoughts. Ultimately this prison stage create a new perspective to the deep unexplored layers of human mind. This isolation force force us to imagine some disturbed throughs. Which we never do before. The entire story is about our surreal unreal world.

The fear Kolkata, India, April 2020

I try to convey i strong imaginary world with those black and white photos. A world which we never see usually. A world which is disturbed as well as conflicting. All those old memories, Old photos clash in this world. This world is created with the base of sadness and depression some time they invite us to join. Evil eyes look us all time in this surreal world

The world is always there in our deep conflicting mind, we just need to search it.

Old beautiful memories Kolkata, India, April 2020

A current state Kolkata, India, April 2020

Call of death Kolkata, India, April 2020

Death possesed Kolkata, India, April 2020

Death is every where Kolkata, India, April 2020

The ultimate silence before death Kolkata, India, April 2020

Suicide Kolkata, India, April 2020

Eternal peace Kolkata, India, April 2020

Blurry freedom Kolkata, India, April 2020

A wish to fly Kolkata, India, April 2020

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Ritankar Mazumder

Hi, this is Ritankar mazumder. A street photographer and document photographer by passion and College student by profession Currently I am persuing accountancy honours. Photography is like a stress buster for me. I like to documenting the versrtile Lifestyle and culture of human life.I always belive that my photos can create a story itself. Telling the story is the main motive of my photography.


      1. No i shoot with dslr. But film mood attract me most that’s why I process them like this way

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