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Putuli & her daughter “Roja”




  Saiful Amin Kazal

Lockdown day #50 in dhaka
The girl’s name is Putuli, age 17, married 2 years ago. The daughter “Rojaiya” was born in the month of Ramadan last year. Putuli was a street kid. She was in class three at a free street kids School. Now she is a ”Mother”, a proud mother of “rojaiya” (Roja). Her husband Ronnie is an auto rickshaw driver. I have known her for 5 yrs since when she along with her little sister Moina used to sell flowers & hanging around the Dhanmondi lake area whole day long.

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Saiful Amin Kazal

I am Md Saiful Amin Kazal from Dhaka Bangladesh, I am a documentary photographer. Photography has always been my passion and interest. I enjoy and love roaming around the city with my camera from one end to another with endless enthusiasm! When it comes to Photography, I have photographed and touched almost every segments of it; however, my interest is now leaning more towards Street photography and documentary photography as well.

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