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I stay home, I do not stay voiceless – Quarantine days

I stay home, I do not stay voiceless – Quarantine days
Myloi Argolida, 12th day, The limits of the human psyche are tested, March 15, 2020

I stay at home because I am responsible.  Not because I am forced to.

I stay home because I know that the health system, impoverished by all, previous and current government policy, will collapse if we get sick at the same time. I stay home not because I was forced but because I consciously and soberly choose to protect myself and those around me.

Argolida, Greece_14th day, Home March 17, 2020

I stay home, I do not stay voiceless.

I stay home and I get well informed, not by the controlled mass media, which only communicates fear and terror to people…

I stay home but I do not accept the traffic ban, the vulgar individualism, the fear, the isolation and the social cannibalism that are being promoted as the solution, under the tag of ”individual responsibility”, a tool deployed by the governments to create quilt among us the people and hide the state’s and the political system’s inefficiencies.

“We stay home” means for them that we remain silent. Silent about the suppression and fear imposing.

Silent about the next wave of unemployment and employer’s terrorism.

Silent about the exhausting hours and the starvation wages of the workers.

Silent about the real problems of public health, about the lack of basic infrastructure, health care, and human resources.

“Staying home”  means for them that we have sole responsibility for the possible future deaths.

15th day, Either Freedom, or silence, March 25, 2020

When all this is over, my voice will be heard even louder in the coming social struggles, because poverty, hunger and the social uncertainty of the next day,  will touch most of us, but will leave untouched the few and the chosen.

Argolida, 18th day, Stay home, March 28, 2020
Peloponnese, 20th day, The harmony of non-harmony, March 30, 2020
Argolida, 25th day, Lack of social contact, April 4, 2020
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