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Hunger and Lockdown




  Mohammad Nazmul Hassan Bhuiyan

Two women with a group of children is trying to stop the passing vehicles from both sides of the Tejgoan flyover to ask for help so that she can feed herself and her family members during Dhaka city lockdown amid COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh. This photo is describing the actual scenario of poor and extreme poor people of the city who do not have any work right now. They remain in the street with a hope if they can stop a vehicle and get some money or food to feed themselves. Whatever the day or night, aged or young all are trying to collect some relief from the people who are passing by. While I was taking this photo some children surrounded me so that they can get some money. Hunger makes them fearless against COVID-19 pandemic to stay in the street and begging for food or money.

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Mohammad Nazmul Hassan Bhuiyan

From his school life, Nazmul Shanji loves to take photos of nature and people around him, but fairly it was not his infatuation. Photography grow with him and made him passionate about it when he was inspired a lot by his family around five years ago in 2011 in London. After 5 months of his starting photography, he has completed his first photographic course in Idea Store, London on Photojournalism. After that coming back to Dhaka, he has completed advance course in photography under PRISM and an online diploma course in commercial photography. Nature, wild life, architectural, commercial and documentary photography are his sector of keen interest. Creating own signature in photos is his main mindfulness with own style, knowledge and view. He is Co-founder and Managing Partner of L’Fotto right now and also working as a commercial and nature photographer in various sector of photography around the globe.

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