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Dhaka Dockyard: Tale of a slagged land in the city

Dhaka Dockyard: Tale of a slagged land in the city
Keranigonj, Bangladesh – June 2019. Ships are arranged in a row in the dock to repair and paint.

Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh stands by the banks of Buriganga. The dockyard also placed by the bank of this river which is on the the opposite side of Shadarghat, the central river port of Bangladesh.

The dockyard is in the town of Keranigonj where the working environment and the lifestyle is frighteningly dangerous which is full of industrial activities. Around 20,000 workers work here everyday and it’s a matter of great regret that the labor charge is too tiny to bear the life expenses which is around $8.00 per day.

Keranigonj, Bangladesh – June 2019. The workers are arranging to load the anchors after painting those.

The workers usually break down the massive ships as well as create new ships from the parts. Workers can be seen with the torches and the welding equipment doing their job of doing their job of departing huge pieces of metal sheets from the vessels. Others can be seen strolling along the high edges of the ship decks. The only thing is keeping them away from falling down is their own balance. Safety of the workers seemed not ensured in this yard in a proper way and that’s why injuries are common thing to occur in here but the process and the activities never stop.

Keranigonj, Bangladesh – April 2019. Worker is cutting a massive metal sheet without having proper protection in his eyes.

The environment of this yard is highly polluted. Water of the river and the air of this place can make any new comer sick. Though the people who are living in this area are capable enough to adjust themselves with the surroundings. All the waste of this yard go directly straight to Buriganga which creates a huge water pollution though the kids of this area love to have their bath in this river. They often use the yard as their playground. As the people here are living in the edge of poverty, child labor can be seen very often.

Keranigonj, Bangladesh – April 2019. Worker is departing metals from a launch sitting on the edge.

It is clear that this place has been a worksite where a lots of things to bring under proper management such as the safety of the workers, labor charge, child labor engagement and minimizing the pollution. However the local people are still in that process of living and working here.

Keranigonj, Bangladesh – June 2019. Workers are losing the rust of a ship sitting on a wood.
Keranigonj, Bangladesh – April 2019. Workers are painting a ship sitting on the edge of a wood.
Keranigonj, Bangladesh – June 2019. Workers are resizing a metal sheet with a huge hammer in an smoky, unhealthy environment.
Keranigonj, Bangladesh – June 2019. A Worker is making the sharp edges plain without having proper dust protection.
Keranigonj, Bangladesh – April 2019. A worker is losing the rust with his small hammer.
Keranigonj, Bangladesh – April 2019. A boy is playing with his marbles.
Keranigonj, Bangladesh – June 2019. Children are having their bath with a great fun.
Keranigonj, Bangladesh – June 2019. Boys are having their bath in the polluted water.
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