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Cute edge of my heart

Сute edge of my heart
Russia, Volgograd region, Pichuga – July 2019. Pichuga’s landscapes are impressive.

“This is the place where I grew up, spent all my childhood, this is the place of my strength, with which I have an indissoluble connection. Now I come here when I want to take a break from the city, to stay in peace and quiet” – this began our dialogue with Ekaterina, a resident of the village of Pichuga, Volgograd region. This is the place where I spent a few days last summer without Internet and far from civilization.

Russia, Volgograd region, Pichuga – July 2019. This Is Catherine. The girl I was staying with. She showed me the entire village and natural attractions in a few days.

Katya said that the village was founded in the 18th century and the first inhabitants of Pichuga (previously it was called Krasnoglinovka) were Volga Cossacks, who participated in the early Pugachev uprising. Pichuzhinskaya village was the largest in the times of the Astrakhan Cossack Army.

Russia, Volgograd region, Pichuga – July 2019. There are many abandoned houses in which there is no sense of human presence for a long time.

Now the revival of the Cossacks in this village has become relevant. At the moment, there are 12 Cossacks in the village. They even have their own Cossack rally. All those who wanted to become Cossacks became them. When we were talking about the Cossacks, Katya told me: “Uncle Andrew sat-sat, and decided to become a Cossack. To revive the Cossacks in our village. To resurrect the old tradition. Appointed him ataman (this is the leader of the Cossacks, the older of them). And after that, the volunteers joined the Cossacks, even began to wear national costumes.”

It is a pity that I personally did not manage to get acquainted with the Cossacks and their ataman. But it will be an excuse to come back here again.

Russia, Volgograd region, Pichuga – July 2019. The wonderful Windows of this estate immediately attracted my attention.
Russia, Volgograd region, Pichuga – July 2019. Many people have built new homes here.

You can get to Pichuga by bus, which runs from Volgograd to the village according to the schedule. But, in winter, it happens that snow falls a lot during the night and in the morning it is impossible to go anywhere. The population is about 1000 people and everyone here knows each other. Here it is customary to greet everyone, these are the traditions. Especially these rules are honored by the older generation. But, like many people in the Soviet Union, they have a negative attitude to photography. That’s why they didn’t want me to take their picture. I think it has to do with our mentality that the Soviet people have always suspected that something was wrong, if you want to take a picture.

There are also concerts on big holidays, where the locals themselves perform with different numbers. Who can do what, he shows it.

Russia, Volgograd region, Pichuga – July 2019. On one street you see the newest mansions, and on the other a dilapidated house.
Russia, Volgograd region, Pichuga – July 2019. An abandoned van. Katya said that it has been standing here for a long time.
Russia, Volgograd region, Pichuga – July 2019. The Volga is beautiful in the evening.
Russia, Volgograd region, Pichuga – July 2019. Many have animals: cows, chickens, goats, turkeys,ducks, geese, rabbits. All residents are engaged in agriculture.
Russia, Volgograd region, Pichuga – July 2019. This is the Pichuga river, a tributary of the Volga.
Russia, Volgograd region, Pichuga – July 2019. Around the village there is a huge number of picturesque landscapes.
Russia, Volgograd region, Pichuga – July 2019. If you want to watch the stars, then Pichuga is perfect for this.

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