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Once a fighter always a fighter




  Saqlain Rizve

In this situation of our contry our doctors, police,army and journalists as well as more people are engaged in our service. They are in their own work place ignoring the deadly Covid-19. Among them is the security guard of the ATM Booth.
He is Mohammad Tula Miah, born at Gopalpur subdistrict which is situated in Tangail district. He is a 60 years old men. About 22 years ago he left his native area and moved to Gazipur. He has been a security guard at the ATM booth for almost 14 years. His biggest identity is that he is a freedom fighter of Bangladesh. During the great war of liberation in 1971, he bravely delivered food to the freedom fighters. He was only 15 years old guy then. But unfortunately he did not get the freedom fighters certificate. We often hear about such misfortunes of freedom fighters in newspaper and tv news. However in 1971 he bravely served for the freedoom fightets and now he is still serving for common people by ignoring the deadly covid-19.


Saqlain Rizve

Saqlain Rizve (2001) is a passionate photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh who love to take landscape, street, nature, portrait and people lifestyle in his regular life. It almost three years he has been practising and learning photography. He also love to do documentary photography and photojournalism.

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