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Melting cities

Melting cities
Murmansk, Russia – February 2019. View from the window of a house in the uptown.

Murmansk is the largest city in the Arctic Circle. In 1971, 310 thousand people lived here. Over 20 years, the population has grown to almost half a million. This was due to the growth of the fishing and marine industries and tremendous progress in all areas of the city’s life. People moved north from all over the Soviet Union.

Currently, a demographic decline is observed in Murmansk. Since 1998, the population has declined by almost 100 thousand people. Most people leaving the city are young people. It depends on the fact that the central and secondary regions experience different growth rates of living standards.

This problem is relevant for a huge number of cities throughout Russia. If the trend continues, many cities may disappear from the map. Murmansk is one of the many “melting” cities of Russia.

Murmansk, Russia – February 2019. Faina and Petr moved to Murmansk in the late 50’s. They are married since 1964. Petr is originally from Cherbakyl and Faina is from Vologda. He worked as a navy radio operator, she worked at furniture factory. 
Murmansk, Russia – February 2019. Some people are still leave in wooden huts here.
Murmansk, Russia – February 2019. Bogdan is 23 y.o, he’s studying to become a boatmaster. He doesn’t see his future in Murmansk: «There’s nothing to do here, the town is dull».
Murmansk, Russia – February 2019.
Murmansk, Russia – February 2019.
Murmansk, Russia – February 2019. Andrew and Ira are 23 y.o, they were born in Murmansk. Andrew is a record producer and Ira is a television journalist. They are going to move to Moscow very soon. 
Murmansk, Russia – February 2019.
Murmansk, Russia – February 2019. Nastya is 23 y.o., she is working as an environmental engineer. in the Murmansk Commercial Seaport. Her boyfriend is a sailor. He offers her to move from Murmansk to Saint Petersburg. 
Murmansk, Russia – February 2019. Kola bay remains ice-free throughout the year, thanks to warm Gulf Stream waters. Locals wants government to build a promenade, but the question remains open.
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Egor Kirillov

Egor Kirillov is a photographer born in Murmansk, Russia, and based in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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