Il Mondo Fuori

il Mondo Fuori
Padua, Italy – March/April 2020

The world outside is changing.
Locked in our houses, we observe it in a suspended, dilated, recurrent time.

Television is often the only possible window through which we can look out. Thanks to it we assimilate the images that come up, that try to tell what happens, giving a hint of faint answers to our questions.

They show us the uncertainties of a new time. We accumulate fears and hopes.
We notice new absences, we perceive them, we sense them. Inside us and around us.

Image after image, one above the other, they unconsciously enter into a relationship with each other, creating our own new worlds.

They crowd our eyes and turn inside us, into new unusual dialogues.
It could have been a time of silence.
It will become.

Padua, Italy – March/April 2020

“il Mondo Fuori” is a daily diary of snapshots of the TV screen, during the entire quarantine period due to the spread of  COVID-19 virus.

A consideration on the perceptions of this strange and new period of physical and social estrangements. A historical memory of a time of dis (connections) in which we are all immersed, without distinction.

Will we be able to be Present in these new Absences?


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