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Dead Land

Dead Land
Chattogram,Bangladesh-24th March, 2020.Corona Pandemic has forced all economic formula not to follow their own rules. Here the Demand and Supply Curve is crying from their own place.

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. At this moment whole world is affected by epidemic Covid-19 including Bangladesh. On March 26, 2020 Bangladesh government declared general vacation for all government, non-government organizations. The Movement of common people has also been restricted by government to ensure distancing to prevent the spread of this epidemic. But still the people here are so reluctant about the drastic impact of the disease. They are neither caring about the government order nor following the minimum common restrictions. Most of the young people took this vacation as a matter of enjoyment like other vacation. They are rambling here and there on the road, crowding in in stalls.

Chattogram, Bangladesh-25th March, 2020. He does not concern for Covid-19 but giving more concentration on his daily income from street since it is declining drastically.

On the other hand it is regretful reality that day laborer or daily basis wage earners must have to go out. They have no choice to restrain themselves at home. So this class of people is still on the road. Although government and social organizations are trying to extend relief for marginal people but it is not sufficient for such a highly populated country.

The consequence of fighting the disease of Covid-19 is multi-faceted affecting our day to day life. Businesses are shut down, on the other hand daily necessary foods price is hiking every day. Maintaining daily life in corona period and after corona period for middle class people and lower middle class people is getting tough. There might be deteriorationof class descending of a segment of people as the post effect of war against this decease.

Chattogram, Bangladesh-25th March, 2020. Passing idle time by most of the daily earners like this Rickshaw puller

Therefore, it is predicted that aftermath of Covid-19 will be a big crisis. As everything is locked down for a prolonged time, definitely it is going to crash on economic structure. It may lead us to recession which may fall into depression, even biggest depression than ever.

It may affect employment especially for the daily wage earners,private investment will be decreased notably, revenue earnings from different sources may be affected, RMG industry has to face drastic stagnation, foreign remittance earning may decrease dramatically, many SME and new born industries   may close down, people’s economic transaction flow specially buying and selling may curve down and many more adverse phenomenon may appear in next couple of months or years. Such financial shrinks will ultimately hit the marginal people. Their misery will be the worst. It may toll additional deaths with Covid-19 victims.There is no light at the end of the tunnel of this crisis as it has engulfed whole world. All our economic counter parts including USA, China, Japan, Europe are also busy to  tame this curse of virus at their home.

An under developing like Bangladesh with numerous existing crises is under certain threat to be a dead land Due to Pandemic Covid-19 and its consequent effect.

Chattogram, Bangladesh-2nd April, 2020.Boatman and other passenger also not too much conscious about social distancing. Although river is one of the less costly and hugely used popular means of communication for Bangladesh.
Chattogram, Bangladesh-29th March, 2020.”I have to Stay Home minimum 2 hour , I am 2nd last person in the queue. Summer and Corona both hit the regular pipe line of the water. Last year we were facing same degree of scarcity in the mid of summer.” Afrin.(Water Collector of slum area, Chattogram)
Chattogram, Bangladesh-28th March, 2020.Still Social Distancing is a Buzz word for Common people Although Government is continuously keeping pressure to maintain it.
Chattogram, Bangladesh-1st April, 2020.City Corporation Cleaning workers are still working without any Safety measure or PPE
Chattogram, Bangladesh-29th March, 2020.Having High demand of Sanitizer and Marks forced the Howker to sell It on Street Although Most of them are Unhygienic and not properly maintain safety measures
Chattogram, Bangladesh-3rd April, 2020.This is Friday Prayer at Al Falah Jame Masjid of Chattogram, Bangladesh. On regular time there is no single empty space due to Covid-19 the scenario was revised.
Chattogram, Bangladesh-27th March, 2020.Tribute to Bidyanondo, A team continue spread their lesson how to do for the people beyond race, religion even status. They are really whistle blower for the country. They are relentlessly utilizing their effort and doing road map for others also.
Chattogram, Bangladesh-1st April, 2020.Word Boys Of Chattogram Medical College Hospital are resting after Lunch time. They are the real Hero of the country at this time .
Chattogram, Bangladesh-28th March, 2020.This is a Dedicated Hospital of Covid-19 affected people but they have to also offer regular service to common people
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