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  Saiful Amin Kazal

Childrens of a urban slum of dhaka city. Childrens are facing increasing threats to their safety and wellbeing from caregivers because of actions taken to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Locking children out of the classroom is not worth the social disruption caused, and that keeping kids at home may further expose older people to the disease.
Bangladesh Government shutdown all school college & university untill september 2020.

Saiful Amin Kazal

I am Md Saiful Amin Kazal from Dhaka Bangladesh, I am a documentary photographer. Photography has always been my passion and interest. I enjoy and love roaming around the city with my camera from one end to another with endless enthusiasm! When it comes to Photography, I have photographed and touched almost every segments of it; however, my interest is now leaning more towards Street photography and documentary photography as well.

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