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Cooking In Quarantine




  Al Yeacha irfan

My mother- The mistress of our family. Everyday she waked up in the morning and get busy to make breakfast for all of us. This scenario has lots of love not only responsibility. From other days, Quarantine is different. This locked life has given me this scene as a gift. So I took the picture


Al Yeacha irfan

Al Yeacha Irfan was born in an aristocratic middle class family in Chittagong. Although he did not have much interest in formal education, he obtained a three-year bachelor's degree in business from the National University. He likes to travel to the outside world in the habit of being self-taught. Where there is no end to learning. And where learning is real and authentic. In the pursuit of a livelihood, he works as an operations manager in a small buying house.

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