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The Thread

The Thread

Life is a thread linking one form of matter to another.

“The thread” is a series of diptychs from photographs, where the author tried to explore the theme of birth, continuation, death, and unity of all life on Earth.

Mankind has been interested in the question what life is and what its meaning is during the centuries. The author uses figurative language, contrasts, and analogies to give his answer to this eternal question. All life on the planet is united by a similar life cycle, which consists of the stages of birth, adulthood, continuation (reproduction), aging, and death. Everything is based on one principle. Plants and animals can make continuation only by passing on their genetic material. Man has another opportunity, he can continue to live in the results of his activities. Creating works of art or music, for example, a person is able to overcome time and live for decades or even centuries.

The images are based on a comparison of different representatives of the biosphere(man, plant, bird) and are arranged in an associative row to let the viewer feel what stage is main. The author in the process of working on this project tried to visually emphasize the unity of various living beings and share his feeling of the main thing.

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Anastasiya Kostyleva

I am a fine art photographer from Russia. I was born in 1985. I try to share my thoughts, feelings, worldview with my photographs… More »

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