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Subway Zen

Photo Book

Subway Zen, by Gabriele Lopez

Year of publication: 2020 | Pages: 122 | Size: A4 | Volume Price: 25€
Book’s webpage:
Publisher: Self Publish

Subway Zen

Subway Zen is a 15 years personal project on the subway world. Is mostly a point of view.

First taken daily for 5 years in a row it got left behind for a while. In my year while working with Fujifilm for the X-photographer project I got someway interested again, and I got back shooting intensively for other years. At a certain point it started to be a project on different countries, but the country aspect got delayed, it became not about the place but the trip…

It’s finished for the moment as a self-published micro-tirature book.
That was my train and my trip.

You can get any info here, if you care. And This was the PRIVATE article about it…Have a good day everyone!


Gabriele Lopez

Gabriele Lopez, class 1974. I started to take photographs as a child, with a Polaroid camera that was a gift for an occasion that I forgot. With that simple camera I started to record what was around me. Today not that much has changed in this sense. The photography I love is a daily diary, fragments of pictures, that together mean the sense of my existence, my way of expressing, understand and live life itself, fixing what I want to live again.

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