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Subway Zen

© Gabriele Lopez

Photo Book

Subway Zen, by Gabriele Lopez

Year of publication: 2020 | Pages: 122 | Size: A4 | Volume Price: 25€
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Publisher: Self Publish

Subway Zen

Subway Zen is a 15 years personal project on the subway world. Is mostly a point of view.

First taken daily for 5 years in a row it got left behind for a while. In my year while working with Fujifilm for the X-photographer project I got someway interested again, and I got back shooting intensively for other years. At a certain point it started to be a project on different countries, but the country aspect got delayed, it became not about the place but the trip…

It’s finished for the moment as a self-published micro-tirature book.
That was my train and my trip.

You can get any info here, if you care. And This was the PRIVATE article about it…Have a good day everyone!

Gabriele Lopez
the authorGabriele Lopez
Gabriele Lopez, class 1974.
I started to take photographs as a child, with a Polaroid camera that was a gift for an occasion that I forgot. With that simple camera I started to record what was around me.
Today not that much has changed in this sense.
The photography I love is a daily diary, fragments of pictures, that together mean the sense of my existence, my way of expressing, understand and live life itself, fixing what I want to live again. Print is of top importance in this process, taking those memories under the form of self-made 'zines and books is the most common conclusion for this camera work.
With some friend we founded the "DIY Nights" project, that cares about producing and distribute personal independent projects on paper that end up in many exhibitions whenever we have a chance, in a simple and direct way. Some of my personal works are represented by Millenium Images in London and I work with Mohole Academy in Milano.

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