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One year web based workshop


One year web based workshop

Event date: from 09/05/2020 to 09/04/2021
3 Meetings In Montreuil. Each meetings are 2 full days (Morning to evening)
Between these meetings, every month an individual skype meetings of 30 minutes.
Address: 31 rue du capitaine dreyfus, Montreuil 93100, France Map It

Atelier Smedsby

Founded by JH Engström and Margot Wallard in 2012, Atelier Smedsby is an innovative school of photography on line where teaching happens through workshops in Montreuil, Paris and on the internet. JH Engström regularly participates to short workshops supported by Margot Wallard who has experience in the organisation of the Atelier Reflexe (Montreuil). It’s beeing noticed that the participants often return in order to develop those works completed in 5 days and for this reason they decided to create a workshop where time and reflection are at the chore of creative development. They built a one-year program dedicated to the development of photographers’ projects which includes monthly Skype group meetings to work directly on the artistic content.

The Atelier Smedsby photo workshop is a one-year distance learning class incorporating three individual/group meetings in Paris. In between meetings in Paris, the participants will report monthly on the progress of their works via Skype.

During these monthly reports, they will be able to ask questions, demonstrate the evolution of their work, receive evaluation and feedback and thus move forward in the accomplishment of their personal projects.

These monthly reports are the base of the workshop and we expect them to be well prepared by the participants. Of course the participants will have the possibility to communicate with Atelier Smedsby also between these monthly reports as well.

Atelier Smedsby work with an educational platform as a base for the participant’s work and development. The platform is a fantastic tool that we use for the individual Skype meetings every month. Here the participants can also communicate and exchange information with each other. We also have a Facebook page where we make suggestions about exhibitions, books and films etc…


Objectives :

  • Identify each participant’s visual language and define their photographic approach.
  • Encourage participants to realize both personal and assigned projects.
  • Follow the evolution of a photography project.
  • Help to develop, realize, and finalize each participant’s project.
  • Learn to critique the work of others, and one’s own, at both theoretical and practical levels.
  • Find methods for editing the participant´s work for either books or exhibitions.
  • Give advices and discuss how to present your work to school applications, publishers, prices…
  • Discover photography culture.
  • Our most important objective is to increase the artistic independence for each and every participant.

Since 2012, JH Engström and Margot Wallard are very proud and happy that Atelier Smedsby helped to gain experience and professionalism. They met fantastic people and had the chance to follow a lot of deeply well-conducted projects. Some of these projects have been realized by very concrete results : books, exhibitions and awards.


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Margot Wallard

French Artist photograph and founder together with the swedish photographer JH Engström of the workshop Atelier Smedsby.

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