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Life after the fire

Life after the fire
Children went for a walk

Everything may change due to a simple mistake.
A neighbor came into his garage at night and forgot to turn off the electric appliance. After such an error, his house was tanned. The fire spread to other houses.

“We went to bed and smelled smoke,” says Natalya. She is the mother of seven children. On that fateful day, the whole family escaped from a burning house by a miracle.

I and the family assistance fund came to see how Natalya and her family live after the fire. We brought food and clothing because the family had nothing left.

I was surprised.

A family of nine lives in a small house. Its size is 15 square meters.

There was little space in the house and it was dark. In such conditions, Natalia brings up her children and one baby.

Older children have developmental delays, and one of the daughters is disabled.
One girl is very fond of Russian language lessons. Little boy loves math lessons. I believe in them!

Mother is struggling with her business, but she remains calm and believes that the “black streak” in their life will end.

The truth is that the family does not have enough money to complete a new large house. And government benefits are very small.

I believe that looking at such photo projects, kindness will awaken in people. And the state will help them more than now.

Sisters. Walk in the yard
Disabled sisters. They love each other
Children at home drinking tea
Kids having fun
The family lives in a small house. On the same bed they sleep and eat and do homework
Sisters for a walk
Children walk and ride a slide
A boy walks around the village. It’s not safe to walk there, because stray dogs are around
Children on the street. Behind the house of neighbors, which partially burned down
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