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Bread and Blood

Bred and Blood

My grandmother sang in a village choir. They had beautiful costumes and, according to the stories of my mother, they performed a lot.

Archival photo of the ensemble – Praslovo village

My grandmother was not very happy in her personal life. She was a very beautiful woman and suffered from the beating of her husband, who envied her. I always loved to visit my grandmother in the village, it seemed to me that nature was alive here, she could empathize with your emotional wounds. Often I had to witness conflicts between my parents, my mother suffered like my grandmother.

Only now, when I am in my 30s, I realized that we are passing on to each other our unfortunate fate from generation to generation, unable to break this vicious circle, we choose the image of the victim.

I met my first love in this village and found myself in the same abusive relationship as my grandmother and my mother.

September 2019 – Praslovo Village

In my project, I combine the past and the present – the archive footage of the ensemble with my photographs.

Archival photo of the ensemble – Praslovo village
September 2013 – Praslovo Village
September 2019 – Praslovo Village
September 2013 – Praslovo Village
July 2016 – Praslovo Village
September 2019 – Praslovo Village
September 2019 – Praslovo Village
September 2019- Praslovo Village
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Nailya Khalilulina

Khalilulina Naila (1986) lives and works in Moscow, Russia. Works on art and documentary projects. Collaborates with Russian magazines. Participated in small exhibitions in Moscow and Lisbon.

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