Photo book

The Sounds Of Dream

Photo Book, The Sounds Of Dream by Muhammad Hidayat
Info > Year of publication: 2019 | Pages: 48 | Size: 17 x 21 cm | Volume Price: $50 | Publisher: Raws Publishing

In the dreams, they came like shadows, voices, songs, light and gasps, they were so close, even closer than the clothes I wore. I felt like I was back to the beginning where I was walking alone in the middle of a crowd and felt cold in the middle of the blazing heat. Those dreams were so real and so clear that it made me constantly think about them.

Muhammad Hidayat
(1982), Muhammad Hidayat born in Manado North Sulawesi - Indonesia January 2, 1982. He currently works as a finance section staff at government office in Banda Aceh. Began to pursue photography seriously in December 2015. He is very focused on the Fine Art and Expressionism photography. Currently entrusted as curator in several community-based photographic Instagram. For Him photography is not just pressing the shutter button, but how to play with pouring out your feelings and imagination.

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