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Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad is a project devoted to those who have experienced difficult, abusive childhoods. It’s a metaphorical letter from adults to their parents, revealing all the things they were not able to say.

Hannah, Berlin, 2019

The idea was born when one of my close friends told me, that his parents turned his old room into christian library. We had a long discussion and I realised, that almost nobody around had a happy childhood. Especially in Berlin, where it so easy to escape from your past and get lost in the party life.Later I understood that this problem is sadly everywhere, not connected to particular countries or politically difficult years. When I was looking for the heroes of my project in facebook, it turned out to be true:people from all ages and nationalities wanted to participate.

Anna, Berlin, 2019

I hope that my project can work as a therapy for some people: it’s important to know, that you are not alone and there is someone who lived through the same. I was literally crying while transcribing interviews, but at the same time it was very insightful. I understood a lot about my own patterns and behaviors and their connection to the past. Also one of my heroines also brought up a very interesting idea – she supposed, that in future the whole concept of family can be destroyed and replaced with something else.

Emma, Berlin, 2019

I interviewed 8 people, making a shooting and interview simultaniously.
Portraits were taken while heroes were sharing their stories and lived through the same emotions again.
It was not an easy process, but it was worth it – you can see their honest feelings at the pictures.

Olga, Berlin, 2019
Maria, Berlin, 2019
Sophia, Berlin, 2019
Pavel, Berlin, 2019
Ben, Berlin, 2019
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