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Behind the obstacles

Behind the obstacles
Playing basketball to the music of hip-hop on the outskirts of Tehran

Hip-hop culture originated in Iran in the 90s. At the time, rap was mostly a socio-political statement, but after a harsh reaction from the government, those who touch on a political theme in their lyrics left the country or went to prison.

Now popular trends Iranian rap — social and ethnic. The whole hip-hop culture of Iran is in the underground. In order to officially sell CDs, you need to get permission from the Ministry of culture and Islamic orientation, and this is very difficult. At the same time, local media, most of which are controlled by the state, have a negative attitude to hip-hop culture and do not write about rap artists.

Most artists use their studios or record their own music tracks with friends. Studios are mostly located in apartments or outbuildings. It is difficult for rap artists to get into public recording studios.

Getting on FM radio is also quite difficult. Distribute music is obtained only among their own-at private parties and on third-party Internet sites. Despite this, hip-hop gathered in Tehran quite a large community of rappers, graffiti artists, beatmakers, breakdance dancers, beatboxers and skaters.

“Dirty Food” – Iran’s local fast-food
Freestyle from Kasseb in the Park, Tehran
Practice break dance in the Park, the city of Tehran
Meeting near the Studio
Kasseb’s lyrics
Kasseb’s recording at KNation studio
 2pac, american hip-hop legend portrait
Prof at the recording studio KNation
Afshin 2t performs beatbox at breakdance competitions
Dancer at breakdance competitions
BBoy Farzin participated as judges in the competition in break dance (performances)
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