Something bigger than me

Something bigger than me

The present disappears when I’m watching my family photo album. It seems that the past is here and I’m sitting on a bench with people who are definitely alive, because in this world there is no death. One era of my family replaces another, giving rise to memories. I let them pass them through myself – was it fifty or fifteen years ago? Maybe just a month has passed by? However, it does not matter, because all the memories are intertwined with each other, merging into clear pictures, then into barely distinguishable images. The present is returning, it has changed, it has absorbed everything I saw – a family timeless and boundless connection.

This project began to appear before I found out about it. I just decided to check the FED camera, that was sent from the house, and use a film, lying around for the second decade. The result exceeded all expectations – old film turned pink and I found out that it was already shot on it. The frames were layered, giving out amazing combinations. These were the strangest pictures of my family. In order to supplement them, I used frames from the family archive and shot my family on the FED, stylized images for pictures from my home photo album. So I wanted to trace the connection between the generations, people’s connection with space and time.


Marina Pchelintseva

Marina Pchelintseva (1991). Documentary and art photographer.

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