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This series is based on the passengers of trains. Like thousand of others I board the Lalgola local for traveling to a far off town called Kalyani. This train is my personal favourite as it stops in junctions only. So what do I do in the long journey of an hour n a half? I capture moments!I am an amature photographer who tries to capture candid moments and update them as a post in social media. Whenever I take my phone out, people around me gets curious! I wait for those stolen glaces, sudden stares or mistaken laughs, the expressions are my favourite and the fun part is whenever you’ll take your phone camera out someone or the other will definitely look at you! I see the curious eyes of the strangers spurring up with childhood innocence as they try to figure out my process of action. Few stranger might get angry with me, some of them might appreciate me in their minds, it’s really intresting how a small gesture can bring about so many expressions and thought changes in so many people. I’ve met stranger who would come up to me and introduce themselves and try to check out my work. Some of them offers biris(cigarettes) and strike up a conversation in the ever going passenger train.

I’ve been personally attached with this series for quite some time where I’ve tried to capture few eyes whose stellar spoke more than words could suffice.

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Vickky Dev Das

Freelance photographer from Kolkata, India. Love to observe more.

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