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The Monitoring

The Monitoring
Αbandoned hotel,Thace, Greece 24/04/19

I’m scared of going out in the streets knowing that my face is being recorded by street surveillance cameras …

I’m afraid of walking into a bank or a department store and see all these safety guards in their dark uniforms and their threatening  style watching me as if i were a criminal.

I’m afraid of expressing myself freely in the social media and in my texts because I know that  every word i say is recorded, analyzed, and stored by major company servers  and public monitoring organizations for future use. Keywords…

Thace, Greece 24/04/19

Our transactions and purchases are tracked…

I’m afraid that all my internet activity is being monitored so they can find out  my tastes. I’m a good customer and a  good consumer for them, they shoot me with ads of all kinds of purchases. They record my hobbies and my preferences.

Yes I’m afraid, the cameras are watching a distressed city, with so many homeless people, closed stores , with a whole  bunch of human souls crawling on its sidewalks. But cameras are still there to record…

They record the life that has now changed into  life without privacy.   A constant monitoring compulsion, a penetration of individuality and the uniqueness of the individual. Dignity is lost ….

Life that is secretly and openly controlled, which is openly or secretly defined, creates constraints and self-limitations. It is a constant violence that its extremities enter  the logic of everyday life. A systematically abusive violence, humiliating  for man and culture.

Thace, Greece 24/04/19

Politics, activism or trade unionism are often monitored, especially those.

The side effects of this systematic intervention may be more criminally destructive than what they proclaim (crime prevention).

Fear creates limitations. People who care only about survival. People frozen, silent, indifferent, weak. A tragic verification of Orwell ….

Societies that will not resist, will accept everything uncomplainly …
Future is… dysthyma ominous, unless spectacular subversions emerge.

Thace, Greece 24/04/19
Thace, Greece 24/04/19
Αbandoned hotel, Thace, Greece 24/04/19
Thace, Greece 24/04/19
Peloponnese, Greece 19/4/17
Αbandoned hotel,Thace, Greece 24/04/19
Athens, Greece 20/4/19
Athens, Greece 9/6/18
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